Equine Dental Providers of America
Equine Dental Providers of America

The EDPA welcomes all veterinarians, vet techs, equine dental providers and horse owners to be members. The EDPA is proud to have members in the USA and several countries around the world.

Find a Member Near You:

State Last Name First Name Certified Phone/Email
AR Deluhery,DVM Jay YES

AR McChurch Kevin YES


AZ Bandolero Vet Hospital Suzanne  

AZ Griffin Christine  

Brazil Mosse', DVM Mauriuo Londres YES
Brazil Zaluski, DVM Paulo YES

John Causey Recipient

CA Christensen, DVM Justin YES

CA Felix, DVM Samuel "Bo" YES

CA Gaona Jerry YES

CA Goss, DVM Steven  

CA Miller, DVM Richard YES

 John Causey Recipient

CA Moriarity Larry YES
Canada Rundle Kevin YES

John Causey Recipient

CO Burglechner Birgit  

FL Causey John YES John Causey Award
FL Lynch Ana  


FL Ocampo Jorge  
GA Cashin Jason  
IL Madden Mark YES

IL Rubin Lance YES

IN Follett Lee YES

Ireland Hanley Shane YES
LA Shexnaider William  

LA Young Bruce  
MD Herman Katie  

MD Martin Maria  

MD Miller, VMD Linda YES
ME Deane Mary  
MI Green Rebecca YES

MI Patterson Vet Clinic




MI Rubin Steve YES


MN Degner Michael  

MO Allen, DVM Tom YES

John Causey Recipient

NJ Marx Jr Michael YES
NY Brown David YES
NY Cohn Austin YES

NY Runfola Jason  

OH Skipper Bill YES

OK Aguirre Keely  
OK Finn Austin  

OK Hobaugh Keith  

OK Palmer Casey YES

PA Butts David YES

PA Emerson Gail YES

PA Howard Aaron YES

PA Testerman Katelyn YES

PA Testerman Ryan  

PA Trout Tiffany  

PA Wasmer Lisa  

South Africa Martin Graeme YES


SC Biggerstaff Gary YES

SC Buzhardt Ashley  

SD Holtz, DVM Cassie  

TN Hodge Wayne YES

  John Causey Recipient

TX Braddock Daniel  

TX Coble Jane  

TX Chaffin Stacy  

TX Crenshaw Tee  

TX Davis, DVM Michael YES

TX Figueroa Eduardo  

TX Fisher Scott YES

TX Foster Sherry YES
TX Huston Jason YES

TX Katy Equine Clinic Dr. Stone


TX Lai Kai YES

TX Lerma Lesley   Student
TX Lyon Heather  
TX McGeary Max  

TX McGee Mead  

TX Mitz Carl YES

TX Mitz Carl H.   STUDENT
TX Morgan Cody  

TX Mullinix Randy  

TX Mundim Murilo  

TX Parker, DVM Angela  

TX Roger Frank  
TX Schwind, DVM Jennifer  
TX Vidales Orlando  

TX Vogel Lee YES

TX White Rick  
VA Hancock, DVM Ann-Marie  
VA Hopton Myles YES

VA Hyde Hanina YES
VA Hyde, DVM Raymond YES
VA McCarthy Sean YES

VA Orsinger Alex  
VA Pankow Ken YES gmail.com
VA Payne Kristen  

WV Martinez Fernando YES

WV McDavid Justin  

States Approved Hours
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