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Equine Dentistry ~ A Closer Look

Please enjoy the collection below of unique cases, exhibits, reference material, historical information and scientific findings all to do with Equine Dentistry.



The Mitz Museum: A collection of equine dental artifacts, tools, advertising and unique items all on display at the EDPA Conference.

Deciduous Teeth in Still Born, Full Term Foal

The Prehistoric Horse

The Basic Progression of Tooth Development from 120 days to 5 years of age.  Courtesy of Tom Allen, DVM C/EDPA and Carl Mitz C/EDPA

Collection of Wolf Teeth and Instrumentation

This is a collection of 200 Wolf Teeth- no 2 are alike! The instruments shown are just a few of the ones used to remove wolf teeth. It is crucial to have the proper tool for the situation for ease of removal.

Working Together!

Letter from: Dr. Angela Katafiasz, DVM; Patterson Veterinary Hospital

Dental care is an absolute necessity to all equines, and should be included as a part of their routine health care.  Dental problems can extend far beyond “slopping grain” or head tossing while bridled. Poor dental care can, in some cases, lead to debilitating disease. Having routine dental care performed can not only improve a horse’s health, but also their performance. A horse cannot be expected to perform at their best with a painful mouth, and even less so when dental disease prevents them from attaining adequate nutrition.

Becca Green, EDP, and her assistant Tina Rector, really enjoy working together as a team to assist owners in improving their beloved horses’ health. Working as a veterinarian and equine dental practitioner team we feel that we are able to offer a lot to our clients. Additionally, we firmly believe in not only caring for our patients, but educating their owners while we provide that care. It is important to us that owners are able to see the difference dental work can make in their horses’ health and quality of life.

Beyond working with individual horses and owners, we also enjoy reaching out to the community and sharing owner knowledge and skills. We offer clinics at which we not only provide dental services to those interested, but also have hands-on learning opportunities for kids, teens, and adults. Extracted teeth, skulls, and other tools allow us to teach others what we look for when we open a horse’s mouth, and how we might attempt to repair any abnormalities found. Working together we are proud to be able to educate horse owners and improve equine health and performance.

Thank you EDPA for all your continuing education and support!

Dr. Angela Katafiasz, DVM

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